Foreign Language

Hello!,Hola!,Ni Hao!

Learn how to converse in different languages and it will be like you’ve journeyed to different parts of the world. At the Montessori Academy of West Adams, we offer Foreign Language classes by teaching students with conversational and vocabulary enrichment in:

All academic teaching is done in English while teachers speak Spanish and Mandarin languages to our students. We capitalize on the early phase of learning for young children who have a natural ability to learn, with 50% of this ability being developed in the first few years of life, 30% by age eight (Kotulak, 1996).

The first three to four years of life are considered the best time for children to learn a second language, and is as easy as acquiring knowledge in their first language (Vos, 2008). Why? Children are bound to assimilate new sounds and new utterances indiscriminately at that time regardless of whether it is their mother tongue or another language.

Would you like your child to have the privilege of multi-lingual learning? Enroll them at the Montessori Academy of West Adams and take advantage of our wonderful Foreign Language Program.

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